The Best 8 Great Exercises To Reduce Armpit Fat Quickly

Healthy Life - Exercise alone is not enough to get rid of armpit fat but a healthy diet is also essential. If you would like to get rid of armpit fat fast then start with a healthy diet as well as doing the necessary exercises.

1. Burn calories-do cardiovascular exercises every day for about 30 minutes this helps to burn calories and tone muscles which will help get rid of armpit fat.

2. Do push-ups-apart from it being an exercise that will get help get rid of armpit fat fast it also helps to tone the upper body, back and shoulders. A number of push ups to do daily should range between 20 to 40. If the normal push ups are too difficult you can always do knee push ups or wall push ups.

3. Planks-this is an extension of push ups whereby from the push-up position you lift one of your arms into the horizontal position straight ahead while keeping the other arm straight on the mat. The results will be quicker if you use weights.

4. Triceps dips-are extremely difficult to do but with practice and hard work you will be able to do them. These should be done in three sessions of 10 dips at a time.

5. Bent-over Row-this exercise you place your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly bend your back just above the horizontal position. Then bend the elbows back and lifting the arms to the sides of your chest. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

6. Triceps kick backs– do the same exercise as the bent over row and then straighten your arms backwards with your palms facing each other.

7. T Raise-this is when you lift your arms horizontally to the side to form a T. Exhale, lift them to shoulder height and then release.

8. Shoulder press-this is a basic exercise that will strengthen your shoulders and triceps. Lift the weights to shoulder height keeping the elbow bent and then straighten them pushing them skywards.